Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

So this conference weekend has been great. They announced a new temple for Provo! And guess what? it is literally two blocks away from me! Here is a pic of what it is going to look like! I hope we are still in the area when it is done!
 We went to conference the sunday afternoon session :)

 Oh goodness....Brady doesn't  want to smile normal

Cherish Conference! It is awesome!

Brady fights fires

So Brady Goes to the fire academy and he has a lot of hands on training. This is what he looked like when he came home. He is cover in black ashes! but still a cutie

Girls Chip and Dip night!

So I had my own girls night at my place this Saturday night while all the hubbys went to the priesthood session. We did a chip and dip night! it was yummy. So I wanted to make Guacamole for it. I bought avacados thursday and they were rock hard. So i did a little experiement. I googled what would make them ripe fast. Of course the brown paper bag thing normally does the trick but i didn't have one around. So it said newpaper is just as good! And it said that sticking a tomato or apple will help it go even faster. So i did two different bunches of newpapers, one with some avacados and an apple and one with a tomato. The tomato was a lot better! So i was able to make my gauc! The party was fun too! we talked for like 2 hours straight

The presentation ended up looking nice!

I love Alisha! So is so sweet!

Michelle, me and Alisha

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I created a mormon profile on

here is the link! Check out it out. If you haven't done one for yourself you should. It was a pretty cool experience to think about why I am Mormon. <a href=" src="" alt="I'm a Mormon."/></a>

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Selling my wedding dress!

Specific Location: Provo
Style: Wedding Dress
Size: 6
Price: $350
Color: White
About this dress:
Just got married but want to sell this dress. It is a beuutiful dress. There is ruching material and light beadings in the bodice. The bottom is big with gatherings. There is a long beautiful train that can be tied up in a french bussell underneath. It is cap sleeve, V - neck, and buttons all the way down in the back. It is temple worthy as well. It absolutely love it. I got tons of complements on it. It is originally from Abella Bridal and cost almost 1,000$. I will also add the veil into the deal. The veil is so pretty too and fitt perfectly with the dress. Call me and and so you can come see it! 480-695-6537

White Wedding for Sale in Provo/Orem
White Wedding Dress for Sale in Provo/Orem

Wedding for Sale in Provo/Orem( White )

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Directions to the Reception

Coming from Mesa/Gilbert to the Reception in Queen Creek

Take the I – 60 all the way to loop 202 and take the south off ramp. Get off at Elliott Road offramp and take a left. Drive down to Ellsworth Road and take a right. You will be driving down Ellsworth for a while and go through an underpass. Keep going till you come to a T at Cloud Rd. Take a left there. Go down about 2 miles and take a right at Signal Butte Road. Take the second right and go down and the Call’s house is right there in front of you. Park in dirt field or along the road.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello Family and Friends!

Thank you for all your support to us in our marriage. We are extremely excited to celebrate this day with you. I thought it would be good to also tell you our story of how we met and got engaged.

How we met

We were both living in an apartment complex in Provo, UT in the same building. However, we were in different wards. We had seen each other around but never did anything more than that. It is funny...Brady remembers briefly meeting me when I was playing the Piano in the Lodge. I remember meeting him in a breezeway between the guys and girls apartments. He was playing the guitar on a bench there. We both didn't think of making anymore of it at this time.

March came around. This is when it started. One Sunday (the Sunday that Brady actually got dumped by his past girlfriend) we past each other A LOT. I thought he looked really cute. I saw him stare at me too when we passed each other. So at this point, we were a little interested in each other.

On Monday, Brady knew he was going to ask me out. He said he thought about it all day. He was planning it all. He would ask me on a date, we would do this and that, and all would be great. Haha but it dawned on him that he didn't even know where to find me! These apartment buildings were big. He got discouraged. He decided to play the guitar out in the breezeway that night in hopes that I would pass by.

I too wondered if I would ever see him again. It was about 11:30 at night and I saw my roommate making her way to the door of our apartment to take out the trash. I yelled out, "No i will take it out!" She was really confused but let me have the trash. I was going to see if he was in the breeze way. Yay! He was in the breeze way playing the guitar! We made a little small talk and he found out where I lived and the next day he asked my on a date to go to a comedy club. We spent almost everyday with each other after that :)

How we got engaged

It was Wednesday July 14th. It was two day after we had visited his family in Oregon. We had a fantastic trip up there. We were both feeling like things were right for us to get married. But when we got back to Utah, he was keeping the idea of marriage hush hush. So that night, he came over after he got done with class. He asked me if he could take me on a scooter ride. I said yes of course. I love riding the scooter with him. He took me to the Hinckley building on the BYU campus. We walked behind it the beautiful gazebo in the back. He made a leaf trail to the gazebo too. I figured that maybe this was it! But I wasn't totally sure. When we got to the gazebo, there was music playing and a dozen white roses at the gazebo. He is such a romantic. We danced to our favorite songs and then all of a sudden the sprinklers went off! Haha we were getting soaked but we just laughed. It was so perfect. We continued to dance in the water. Then just a few moments later, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a ring in a little box in his hand. I was crying but I formed the word yes. It was the best night of my life. I am looking forward to the next best day of my life - our wedding day, September 9th, 2010 in the Portland Oregon temple.